I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been through a lot in my life already. I can say that it’s more than enough for a 23 year old. But there’s a good side to that. I’ve matured and I’ve learned so much from those experiences, that I wouldn’t change any one of them.
There are so many lessons that life taught me thus far, that I would need a few blog posts to talk about them. Now, I will tell you the most important one.
It may sound strange, but the most important lesson I’ve learned thus far is that psychologists exist for a reason and that before solving a problem, you must identify that there is one in the first place.

First visit.

Back when I discovered the cancer, I was just a 17 year old kid, frankly I didn’t even know what it is. I was just numb, everybody was talking all around me, encouraging me, but I didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s such a strange feeling. My mind just refused to accept the fact that there is a potential risk of losing my life in the process. When I had my first chemotherapy dose, I began to understand how bad this disease is, and had the darkest thoughts going through my mind. After I got home, I just refused to go back to the hospital, no matter how much my parents tried to explain to me how important that treatment was, I just didn’t want to do it. I preferred to die rather than going through that treatment again. It’s that bad. So my mother asked me 4 days prior to the chemotherapy appointment if I want to go see a psychologist. And I said okay, because I knew I needed help. It was my first time when talking to a psychologist, and man… I enjoyed it so much. I was able to resonate with that person so well, she understood me, she listened to all the things I wanted to say, and somehow managed to get close to me and give me so much strength and courage. Not only did I do the treatment, which lasted a whole year, but I also got through a lot of surgeries during that time. And throughout that year, me and my very supportive family have had the morale up. We were absolutely certain that I would get better. And here I am, 6 years later, about to become an engineer. 😀 It seems so incredible for me that my life changed SO much in a single year.

Second visit

Another encounter with the psychologist was pretty recent, actually. At the end of 2017 I got through a pretty rough time due to some personal, unrelated matters, and I wasn’t sure if my dream of going abroad for Master’s was really the best thing for me. I was so upset, so depressed, and so scared of the fact that I had a decision to make, and just didn’t trust myself enough to just listen to my guts. After just 2 hours of talking to that lady, she managed to open my eyes. What’s more interesting is that she didn’t tell me “You should do this and that!”. No. She just showed me the bigger picture, and I was able to see clearly what is better for myself. I have to say that because of that visit to the psychologist, I was able to write this blog post.

The conclusion?

Go to the psychologist, guys! I mean it. Even if you believe you don’t have any problems, I think it’s a very enriching experience. To be able to open up to a total stranger, to be listened to, and to be understood is just priceless. Everybody has a suffering, deep down. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Just look at me. If I didn’t ask for help 6 years ago, I may not have been alive right now. Be honest with yourself, look deep inside and speak your mind about all the things that bother you. It’s so relieving. I do believe that nowadays we tend to hide our sufferings deep inside our hearts, and these sufferings consume us day by day. I know it may seem strange to talk to a total stranger about your deepest feelings and secrets, but just give it a try. I’m sure everybody may benefit from this kind of experience!