Compiler rant

After the finals are gone, I figured I should start working on my graduation project. What I intend to do is some kind of a smart security camera. It has the ability to identify the person standing in front of the door. Say a member of the family walks to the door and he wants to enter the house. The system identifies him, and sends a notification to his phone. Then the person can enter the house at the press of a button, but only if the system identifies him/her. This 2 step identification is needed, because anybody could come with a photograph and enter the house. Also, if a stranger walk up to the door for some weird reason, and he stands there for, say 1 minute, the owner of the house receives an email with the photograph of the person. If that person tries to force the door, the security company is notified. This is the general idea, of course the project can change a lot, but at least I have a starting point. So let’s start working on it I figured… But I ended up in a compiler(a piece of software that can translate the code you write in any programming language to machine code, language that the computer can understand) rant…


Oh my god, how frustrated I am right now. I recently reinstalled my Windows Operating System because I needed a newer version. All right and dandy, until I wanted to install my C++ IDE and the compiler and OpenCV(Open Source Computer Vision – a library of functions that you can use to process images. This library is known for how difficult it is to install), and make them all work together. Sounds easy in theory, but I am sure every single software developer out there has been in this situation at least once. Back where I used to work they called it “3 dark days”. Yeah. On average this process takes about 3 days. 3 days in which you are completely useless, waiting and tearing your hair apart because Visual Studio completely crashes, your project does not build, or the very installer is like “Nah, man! I won’t work today. Just no!” This is what I’ve been up to the last 3 days, and I still am here. I came to the point of wanting to wipe the whole hard drive just to make this stupid pile of crap which is Visual Studio (IDE <Integrated Development Environment> provided by Microsoft) to work. DAAAAAAMN!!! ARGHHHHH!!!! Oh my Linux Lord, why won’t you teach Microsoft a frickin’ lesson. JEEEZZZ.

A multi billionaire company is just not capable of making the install process of a fuckin’ IDE just work. It’s f-ing incredible.

So after 3 days of pulling my hair apart, wasting a lot of time just praying to the Lord above me to see that progress bar reaching 100%, I ended up booting my Linux machine, hit a couple of commands in the Terminal, and boom. All set. Why in the hell isn’t Windows capable of that, it’s far out of my comprehension.