Things you need to know before college

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting last week, but I think it’s understandable given the fact that I’m literally in the middle of the finals. These exams are pretty hard, but they definitely aren’t the most difficult I’ve seen in my college life. I’ve had much harder exams last year.

Anyways. So you decided that you want to become an engineer. Let me begin by congratulating you, because I do believe that this is a very good career path, that is full of opportunities. To be honest, back when I started I had no idea that I would enjoy it that much, but it turned out to be the perfect choice for me. I like the fact that there are a lot of jobs out there in this really vast industry.  There is also the possibility to be a freelancer and work from anywhere in the world, which I very recently started doing. Just like this blog, I was surfing around on the internet, and I saw an article on Fiverr and I figured… Hmm… Let’s try it!

I made an account, created my first offer, and just left it there. Surprisingly the first buyer came just 4 days later, and he gave me instructions on what I had to do. I finished the job and got $10. Boom, right there. It’s just crazy when you think about the fact that I worked on that project for just 2 hours. But what blew my mind even more is the fact that I worked from the comfort of my room. This freelancer thing is starting to appeal to me. I will certainly continue, just as a side thing for now. 🙂 I would want to be able to earn just enough so I could start travelling, but it’s just a dream for now.

Things you need to know

Back to you now! If you decided to start a computer science bachelor degree, I think there are some things you need to know first:

  • You need to LOVE maths – Literally every course here has a strong mathematical basis, and you really have to be at least half decent to be able to pass.
  • Computers are your best friend – It’s kinda obvious, but you have to use a computer from the moment you wake up, until you put your head down on the pillow.
  • Programming, programming, programming – What? You weren’t thinking that we use the computers for CS:GO, right?
  • Learn to listen – I can’t stress this enough. It’s so important to be able to listen to the professor, and extract the important information. This way, you’ll have no problems during the finals.
  • Study as you go – Yeah, even I don’t do that, because it’s boring, but this would make life so much easier… I know we are supposed to study during the semester, but there are other things like going out with friends, or spending the whole evening watching Youtube. Somebody has to these things, right?
  • Don’t expect the college to teach you stuff – When I started, I was sure that at the end of the program I will be able to make games and different pieces of software, but Oh my God how wrong I was. The thing is that the professors give you the building blocks, only the pure basics. After that, it’s your job to expand your knowledge by yourself. Don’t expect to know everything just by attending the courses. You have to study at home, to make notes, to ask questions and to do lots of research.
  • Get a good pair of headphones and a good mouse – As I said in this post, the laptop doesn’t really matter that much. What does make a huge difference is a comfortable mouse and a good pair of headphones. For me, the best way to study is with music, and it’s very important to not disturb the people around me with my music. And, because you use the computer so much, your hand is going to suffer a lot if the mouse is not ergonomic.
  • Start bookmarking – This is something I learned the hard way. There have been a lot of times when I stumbled upon a nice course on the Internet, information that might have helped me for an exam, but I didn’t bookmark that website. You can imagine how frustrated I was when I needed that information, and for the love of God I couldn’t find it…
  • Try not to procrastinate – Of course, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am an expert in this field. But I’m doing my best to stop wasting time and energy on things that just don’t matter that much.
  • Enjoy your time as a student – Yeah… Enjoy it while it lasts, because years pass so quickly, and before you know it, adulthood knocks on your door. That’s why I’m doing a Master’s next year. 😀

There you have it. I guess some of these things apply to any type of student out there.

What do you think a student should know before starting college?